Art Direction, Creative Direction, Starting a Company in 2008

I pitched Adidas.TV to Adidas Sports Performance while at EVB. They loved the platform but I wanted to help Adidas make the content and not just the website. So with help from my friends at EVB we pitched a digital content studio about 10 years ahead of its time to Adidas Sports Performance. Adidas hired my team of 3 creatives and we started a digital production company in Amsterdam. 3 specialists, an Art Director, Editor, and Motion Graphics artist, we were originally supposed to focus on Adidas.TV graphics, assets and content management but we became go to for all types of digital content needs throughout the organization. Hiring local creatives to help us grow the business.

As Adidas cut its marketing budgets during the financial crisis we managed to create additional relationships with Sony BMG, BMW, 180 Amsterdam and Wieden and Kennedy. It was 3 amazing years that, were it not for a financial crash, we might still be making digital content there.

Back in the ancient times we made reels for work instead of giant portfolio sites. So this is a throw back. There’s bits and pieces of Adidas.TV and the rest of our work in here.

In addition to advertising work we also picked up a few music videos for Sony BMG.

Fun times.

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