Microsoft Security

Communications Content Strategy and Creative Direction.

At WE I began working with Microsoft’s Security team in late 2021. Our role was to help plan and strategize upcoming communications content with unique creative solutions. Microsoft wanted to drive IT business decision makers and professionals to their platforms. They had 2 different needs. First, they wanted to create a thought leadership through a lightly branded periodical report. Second, they needed to highlight their unique differentiator in defense strategy starting by highlighting the M.O.R.S.E team.

We suggested two different approaches. One targeting ITDM’s as a periodical report that could serve content thought leadership and lead generation purposes. Second, a video and info-graphic series targeting developers and IT professionals. They needed separate tones and branding approaches and they both needed to scale on a light budget.

For the M.O.R.S.E video we worked with the Microsoft Security team to find a high-level metaphor that could work for all their teams. It needed to have a light touch of humor and not lean to heavily in to negative war and conflict stereotypes. So we took a fantasy approach and it paid off with a line I was particularly fond of, “Fortify every corner of the digital realm with Microsoft Security.”