Surface Commercial

Integrated Communications and Creative Direction.

It’s difficult to paint a picture of 3 years of ongoing work. We have built a specialized creative team to deliver integrated communications and sales materials for Surface Commercial for every product launch starting 2018.

The Surface commercial project started with a problem. Too many agencies managing too many different sales materials without consistent stories or presentation styles. They were ineffective. We offered a clear difference, an overarching brand narrative with our unique audience in mind that all Surface Commercial materials can snap to. All that we needed was a team and a process capable of producing it all. So we built that.

Surface Commercial sales dwarf retail sales and while not as glitzy as the traditional marketing materials the effort that goes into our bi-yearly product launches is equal. The main ask is reframing and reworking all the sales messaging and materials for all Surface products optimized for the commercial audience.

Over the last 3 years we’ve tested all types of unique creative materials. Custom animations, partnership videos, packaging promotions, and channel specific social content to promote and share. All to improve Surface Commercial sales.