Oracle OCI

Branding, Demand Generation and Global Creative Direction

I joined Oracle’s Brand Experience team as the lead Global Creative Director for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The role had 2 main tasks. Update OCI brand materials and lead generation campaigns and managing global asset needs for the entire tech and OCI pillar (Which included several other products). Together with global creative teams in the US, Mexico and India we evolved all marketing materials in the lead generation pipeline which was attributed to delivering over $700 million in leads every quarter. This required the team not only to be efficient and organized with creative production, but also lead creative vision.

But Oracle had a problem. The campaigns they had been running relied too heavily on product color pallets. Diminishing the core brand. OCI was asked to demonstrate how we could simplify the brand color pallet and begin building a unique approach for OCI that better leverages the Oracle brand identity. We used this exploration to evolve the look and feel for OCI seen today.


  • Creatively map a 1.0-1.5-2.0 brand evolution for OCI.
  • Launch a new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure logo to help customers progress to a future OCI mark.
  • Evolved all existing campaigns to simplify and unite brand attributes.
  • Tested and implemented a high-performance video campaign that beat all current Oracle video benchmarks by 75%.
  • Demonstrate how we could introduce more humor into Oracle campaign concepts.

OCI Brand 2.0 Design Direction study.

We acted quickly to outline a 24-month future of OCI branding above. Our key brand recommendations was to evolve the logo mark to emphasize “Cloud Infrastructure” and unite all cloud products under the new direction.

On a parallel path I began exploring campaign examples that could leverage new aspects of the brand. These examples would help illustrate a future tone/purpose that OCI could leverage as it evolves. Answering the question: What would OCI be like if it was more fun, humorous, or clever?