Gilead YIR

Creative Direction, Branding, and Integrated Communications

In 2018 I was asked to help get the Gilead account back on track. Our team was still small and new but the 2018 Year In Review was a huge opportunity. Gilead’s YIR is a large integrated campaign moment in their year. Meaning it’s a moment for Gilead to speak directly to its investors, employees and public followers about it’s plan, pipeline and promises. It’s a moment to show the world where the brand is actually delivering.

This moment covered all aspects. From Communications, to PR, needs, website integration, a fully compliant downloadable and printable pdf. A global video production, environmental installations, social content and more.

Not only did we deliver a stellar YIR but our messaging communications creative wove throughout the report impacted the entire brand position. We started by stating our position, “We Believe” in 2018 and then began getting to work in 2019 with “We’re Ready”.

2019 is still live here. We ended the program with the pandemic.