T-Mobile Test Drive

Branding, and Integrated Marketing

I moved to Seattle to work on T-Mobile’s re-brand. 2 years later it finally happened. The AT&T merger fell through and T-Mobile took the moment to change its look. We developed the dark campaign that gave the T-Mobile woman a whole new look and set up further visual evolutions for the brand eventually leading to the current Uncarrier brand.

As the Sr. Art Director I created the graphic typography and photography style for T-Mobiles new dark look. We even had a rooftop Television spot to celebrate people taking the whole thing for test drive.

Meanwhile on line and in pre-roll we began ere educating customers on T-Mobiles newly found competitive edge with compelling data graphics that embraced the overall design look and pushed it even further.

Currently the portrait, typography and motorcycle that I helped create cast sits in the T-Mobile corporate offices.