Office Max Elf Yourself

Art Direction, UX/UI and Choreography

This campaign created its own marketing award categories. It has its own Wiki. I was featured in Contagious magazine as the Art Director who worked on both successful campaigns of Elf Youself including its lesser known but category defining “Scrooge Yourself” and “Yo Mamma”.

It was the first truly “viral” microsite experience. I keep this in my portfolio as a reminder. A reminder I stayed up late working on Elf dance move choreography. A reminder that you can cast something from craigslist. That UI should be as simple and streamlined as possible. That a few digital advertising nerds created the whole upload your face category of websites.

To this day I still have people who remember this campaign. These were the wild west days of microsites and I miss the creative freedom they allowed. I still think the Art Direction holds up. It was understated with just enough kitsch to feel holiday appropriate.

Proving that a simple idea, executed well can generate fire.

It’s been so long I don’t have easy access to the footage anymore but you can see the viral videos at the end of this old sizzle video of mine.