AT&T S9 Launch

Digital Content, Art Direction, Integrated Marketing, and Film Direction.

AT&T asked our team to develop digital launch content for the S9 launch. The time and budget were limited but we needed to tease a major phone launch for AT&T and this was a chance to show our thinking.

The phone had an amazing screen and with superfast connection and with AT&T Uverse it was perfect for film fans. So we created a series dedicated to those who like to watch, whenever and wherever.

We quickly pitched some ideas. The rough cut of the concept film, a person watching a movie then the camera reveals he’s on the toilet, was shot on my own phone in one of the agency bathrooms. The client loved the ideas and greenlit the entire production.

As the creative lead I managed both the concept, storyboards, and on-set direction of the films. It was really important to me that all of these videos were one continuous shot to be effective in social. Just like or original bathroom shot test video. We found a parking garage, a driveway, a park, a fake hospital room, and a school library locations right here in Seattle. We cast locally as well.

This campaign was well received and awarded.

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